Week 3 – Bloomin’ Marvelous!


It’s been a great week for watching things grow! All the weeding, watering and waiting, we are now starting to see everything really start to take shape.

Shasta Dasiy - Week 3          Crocosmia - Week 3 Bee Hidden

The bees have been busy working their magic around the garden, taking a particular interest in the Shasta Daisies and Crocosmia.

Veggie Patch - Week 3

Pak Choi, Green Onions, Radish, Sweetpeas, Beetroot and finally self sewn Mallows can be found in this little patch.

The Amaranthus has its first bud which has been a delight for Tesan.

Tomatoes - Week 3

The yellow flowers produced by the tomato plants have fertilized and the flowers are developing into tomatoes. I have also found the occasional self sewn tomato plant, one being next to the elephant’s-ear plant (Colocasia) which is a well watered sun trap area.

Blueberry Bush - Week 3 Blueberries - Week 3

Each morning I have been out picking fresh blueberries to go with my breakfast. I need to get to them before the birds and dogs do as they are delicous!

International Rose Test Garden - Week 3

International Rose Test Garden

During last week Tesan and I took a trip to the International Rose Test Garden (http://www.rosegardenstore.org/international-rose-test-garden.cfm) in Portland for a little research. Endless varaties of roses at various stages of their life cycles.

Dead Heading Roses - Week 3

Heading back to our own garden, I went round deadheading, removing old and dead flowers from our rose bushes. This is so that the hips, the rose fruit, do not form and hopefully it will help produce new flowers and cane growth.

Dwarf Pomegranate

During week one we moved this Dwarf Pomegranate, affectionately names Elton as he’s ‘Still Standing’ after all this time, and hoping that he will make it through the summer.

Grapes, Blueberries and Apricot

Grapes, Blueberries and the Apricot tree with its first apricot!

Turnips - Week 3

More veggies are coming coming along nicely..

Salad Patch - Week 3

Finally the Salad Patch, which we plan to nibble at for lunch today. We have planted here Mesclun mixed seed Saladblend, Red Verona, Escarole, Arugula and Red Burgundy Onion.

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